Exclusive: Our Interview with Jackie Emerson About The Hunger Games

As promised, here’s our exclusive interview – in coordination with our friends at Mockingjay.net – with Jackie Emerson at the Breaking Dawn red carpet premiere on Monday!

We talked to Jackie about her reaction to being cast as Foxface, the Hunger Games Day at her school, her thoughts on the trailer, what we may learn about Foxface in the movie, what scenes she’s looking forward to seeing in the movie, her training for the role, and her thoughts on the hugeness of The Hunger Games fandom.

Thanks so much to Jackie for chatting with us! Such a sweetheart :) And thanks to Twilighters Anonymous for filming the interview!

In addition to the pics we posted the other day of Jackie and Amandla Stenberg at the Breaking Dawn premiere and after party, Pauline and Megan from our admin team also got pics with Jackie on the red carpet!