The Hob Interviewed for The Hunger Games DVD & Blu-Ray

A few of the The Hob admins – Amanda, Megan and Pauline – recently had the opportunity to do something beyond our wildest dreams. We were invited by Lionsgate to be a part of what is sure to be an amazing set of special features on The Hunger Games DVD and Blu-Ray.

Lionsgate is currently working on putting together a DVD/Blu-Ray that has all sorts of awesome extras for fans. And now, including seeing interviews with the movie’s cast and crew, you’ll also get to hear from The Hob!


Lionsgate put us through the full hair and makeup treatment, then interviewed us about our thoughts on the fandom, the appeal of the books, casting for the movie, adapting the book into a movie, and much more. What’s crazy is that as soon as we wrapped, we saw the movie’s hair designer Linda Flowers and set decorator Larry Dias waiting to be interviewed next! Plus we know that Lionsgate interviewed nearly all of the tributes and a ton of other folks involved with the film, including the casting director and the costume designer.