What Would You Do to Survive The Hunger Games – Foxface’s Strategy

Last week in an interview with MTV, Josh Hutcherson suggested that “fans should think about what they would do in the Hunger Games and maybe send it to one of the fan sites, try to start that thing and talk about their strategies and what they would do to survive” as a way to pass the time till The Hunger Games hits theaters.

So we decided to do just that! We asked you guys to tell us what you would do to survive the Hunger Games, and we received a bunch of great submissions that we’ll be sharing on our site.

jackieemersonBut to kick things off, we have a special guest! We asked The Hunger Games’ own Foxface, Jackie Emerson, how she would survive the Hunger Games. Here’s what she told us:

I think I would probably pull a Foxface as funny as that is. I would definitely not kill anyone and would probably spend most of my time trying to outwit the other tributes.

If I teamed up with anyone it would probably be someone like Rue because she’s so resourceful. I love being out in nature so I don’t think that would be a problem haha :)

And Jackie’s not the only one who would use Foxface’s strategy in the Games. Here are two of our readers who said they’d do the same.


What strategies would you use?
“Definitely hiding.  As soon as the sound of the gong commences the start of the Games, I would grab what was closes to my feet, but definitely not get anywhere near the Cornucopia.  Five seconds tops and then I’d be heading straight towards the woods (well, whatever terrain would provide me the most coverage- depending on the arena, of course).  Put distance between myself and the other tributes, find a hiding spot, and not worry about anything else at the moment.  Food and water would have to come later.”

What skills do you have that would help you?
“Sadly, I’ve been pampered a lot of my life.  I’ve had a shelter, food provided to me.  I’m not too keen on a lot of survival tips, but I do have very good climbing skills.  If the arena was more woodsy, I’d climb a tree and just pray that another tribute does not have this advantage as well.”

Which Tribute would your game be most like?
“Foxface, without a doubt.  I’ve always admired her for how she competed in the Games, making her my second favorite character of the entire series (only behind Finnick!).  Honestly, I don’t have the heart- or quite frankly, the stomach– to kill another being.  Like Katniss said, you can never go home from the Games.  I couldn’t deal with that on my conscience.  I’d do what I needed to further increase my chance of survival, but would not decrease anyone elses.”

Would you team up with other Tributes, and if so, who?
“It depends on the tribute and the situation.  If it was someone like Rue, sure.  I mean, I wouldn’t know if she was going to pull a Johanna or not but I couldn’t turn down a poor innocent child like that!  If the other tribute had something I desperately needed, I might consider creating an alliance, but I would be extremely wary of his/her actions.  I mean, no matter how sweet they may appear, this is the Hunger Games we are talking about.  Their main goal, no matter what, would be to kill you because you would never know– you and your ally may just end up as the final two.  The Hunger Games are known for their twists and turns so it wouldn’t surprise me.”

Would you be the winner of the Games?
“I feel bad for saying this but no.  Based on the traits I have listed in the previous questions, I very well could get far, but I wouldn’t come out as the winner.  As unfortunate as it is, in order to be a winner, you have to be a killer, and that is not me.  I’m getting a little bit off-topic here, but recently I had a dream (or should I say nightmare?) that I was a part of The Hunger Games.  I ended up killing someone and I hated it.  It was the worst feeling.  I woke up immediately, shaken.  I don’t know how Katniss did it.  I would never be able to live with myself if I won by killing others.  Let someone else deal with my death on their conscience, but I most certainly don’t want theirs on mine.”

Anything else you think is important that would carry you through the Games! “Haha, I guess this would go under “skills”, but I’m known to be extremely quiet!  The urge to talk definitely wouldn’t get to me!”


What strategies would you use?
“First of all, my games would be more like Foxface’s. I am not much of a fighter in real life, I hate confrontations, in fact I dread them. So I’ll just hide and take care of myself instead of hunting the others. I’ll let them kill each other and then I’ll fight with the last one. At the beginning of the game, I wouldn’t go to the Cornucopia, I’m also a slow runner, so I’ll just grab one (and if possible 2) backpacks and go into hiding.

“I think I will consider as well stealing other people’s food, (like the Careers, I’m very dependable when it comes to food) but I mean, it is the Hunger Games. Fight or die. I’ll have to pluck up some courage and cunning and do things I’ll normally wouldn’t do. But I would be very careful of what food I choose. Maybe as more Tributes die, if I’m lucky, I’ll take their weapons, because soon or later I will need them.”

What skills do you have that would help you?
“My skills? Well, I’m not the athletic type, but I’m pretty smart, so instead of hunting them, I would make traps for them, one when they would die slowly, to let them know it was me who did it and give me some satisfaction. When the Games’s up to two Tributes (the other and me) it will be more likely I do a trap, to confuse them and corner them, anything to kill them before I have to finish them myself. I am very vigilant, so if I die, it won’t be because I fell in someone’s trap or ate something poisonous, and that will be a disadvantage for the Careers.

Would you team up with other Tributes, and if so, who?
“And because in the Hunger Games you can’t really trust anything or anyone, I won’t make alliances. I’m too sensitive and kind to team up with someone and then, after we helped and protected each other, kill them. No way. But if I ever change my mind at the last minute, it’ll be with someone from District 3, because they prove to be smart people…some cases anyway (like Beetee) or someone from District 11. I wouldn’t team up with a best friend or a family member (if they’d get reaped too) because at the end, I’ll have to either kill them myself or let anyone or anything kill them. I could sacrifice myself to let them win depending of the situation though.

Would you be the winner of the Games?
I think I’ll have 40 percent to win and 60 percent to die. I guess besides courage and cunning (qualities I don’t really posses) I’ll have to pluck up some confidence as well.”

What do you think about using Foxface’s strategy of hiding and stealing from other Tributes in order to survive? It’s not too late to let us know what you’d do to survive the Hunger Games – get all the details here.