What Would You Do to Survive The Hunger Games – Using the Careers

Thanks to a suggestion from Josh Hutcherson, we’re sharing fans’ thoughts on what they would do to survive the Hunger Games as a way to help us all pass the time till the movie hits theaters in March.

We kicked things off last week with The Hunger Games’ Jackie Emerson and our readers Savanah and Nakia describing how they’d use Foxface’s strategy in the Games.

kaliaprescott-2This week, Kalia Prescott (District 3′s Female Tribute in The Hunger Games) tells us how she would survive the Games:

I’d survive the games by crying and clinging to Cato’s leg! Then eventually he might take pity on me and let me be like his little pet! But then, When the careers are sleeping…. I’ll stab them all in the back…. Literally! >:D

We like that strategy! And we’re not the only ones – two of our readers had ideas similar to Kalia’s.


What strategies would you use?
I’d be setting a lot of traps, and leaving signs that would put the other tributes on edge – it gets them off their game and therefore easier to pick off. I wouldn’t confront anyone face to face, because that isn’t my style.  I’m more of the behind the scenes, scary-presence type of tribute.

What skills do you have that would help you?
I have a high intelligence, and I’m able to predict what people would do easily.  It’ll help me set my traps in a way that they can’t be destroyed or unarmed.

Which Tribute would your game be most like?
Probably a mix between Foxface and Katniss.  I’d be doing a lot of watching, hunting and setting traps.

Would you team up with other Tributes, and if so, who?
I’d team up with the Careers, solely for the purpose of understanding them better so I can pick them off when I take off one night

Would you be the winner of the Games?
I’d like to think so, I think I have about a 50% chance I do.

Anything else you think is important that would carry you through the Games!
I’d stay away from the Cornucopia but watch the initial fight – you can learn a lot from it

Hunger Games Freak:

What strategies would you use?
My strategy would be sorta like Peeta’s and Foxface’s. Cause in the beginning I would team up with the Careers, then when they start to have only a few people left in the Games, take the food and a weapon or two at night (I would take shift that night so everyone would be sleeping) and leave. I wouldn’t kill any of the Careers cause that would wake everyone else up. Then I would hide in the trees till it comes down to the last two.

What skills do you have that would help you?
Some of my skills is throwing (spears and I know how to make spears). I can be pretty handy with a knife climbing and hiding.

Would you be the winner of the Games?
I would be the winner of the games and I would only tell my mentor my plan so he can save up the money and have my sponsers get me gifts towards the end and I would have plenty of sponsers cause I can act very lovable, giggly and well pretty much talk to anyone! But don’t let it fool you if it comes down to it I will win but I will be taking the captiol with me.

What do you think about using the Careers to help you get ahead? Would you be able to pretend to be on their side, and then turn on them to survive?