Video Exclusive: Our Interview with Nelson Ascencio (Flavius)

We recently had the chance to chat with Nelson Ascencio, who plays Flavius in The Hunger Games franchise.The first part of the interview is all about The Hunger Games –  we talk about his audition for the film, memorable moments on set, his hair and makeup transformation, and more.

Apologies for some of the background noise – lots going on around us! And you may hear some laughing from our fabulous camerawoman, Lily, our admin Megan’s daughter. :) (both ladies are pictured with Nelson above) The second part of our interview with Nelson will be coming soon!

Here’s a breakdown of the video:

  • 0:00 – What attracted Nelson to the role, the secrecy around casting, his audition
  • 1:57 – Memorable moments on set, behind-the-scenes details of the Tribute parade, the amazing cast
  • 3:23 – The hair and makeup process, changes from the book description
  • 5:10 – Filming a scene vs. the final cut
  • 5:30 – How the franchise has impacted his personal life / career

Thanks so much to Nelson for taking the time to chat with us! Seriously the nicest guy. :)