Order of Tributes’ Deaths in the 74th Hunger Games


1. Boy from District 9
2. Girl from District 3
3. Boy from District 4
4. Boy from District 5
5. Boy from District 6
6. Girl from District 6
7. Boy from District 7
8. Girl from District 7
9. Boy from District 8
10. Girl from District 9
11. Girl from District 10
12. Girl from District 8
13. Girl from Districts 1, Glimmer
14. Girl from District 4
15. Boy from District 10
16. Boy from District 3
17. Boy from District 1, Marvel
18. Girl from District 11, Rue
19. Girl from District 2, Clove
20. Boy from District 11, Thresh
21. Girl from District 5, Foxface
22. Boy from District 2, Cato

Eleven Tributes die the first day. The boy from District 9 is killed first, by Clove, by a knife to the back at the Cornucopia when fighting with Katniss over a backpack. Also killed on the first day are the girl from District 3, the boy from District 4, the boy from District 5, both tributes from 6 and 7, the boy from District 8, both tributes from District 9, and the girl from District 10.

After day one, thirteen tributes are left in the games.

The girl from District 8 dies the second day. She is killed by a pack of Careers and Peeta after she builds a fire that draws them to her. When it is deemed that she might not be dead yet, Peeta goes back and finishes her off (it’s not revealed how).

Glimmer, the girl from Districts 1, and the girl from District 4 die when Katniss drops the tracker jacker nest on them.

The boy from District 10 dies the morning that Katniss wakes up with Rue (it’s not revealed how).

The boy from District 3 dies when Cato snaps his neck after Katniss blows up the landmines that protect the Careers’ food and supplies.

Rue was caught in a net, and when Katniss finds her, the boy from District 1, Marvel, sends a spear through her. Katniss shoots him with an arrow through the neck, killing him instantly. Rue dies shortly after.

The girl from District 2, Clove, dies when Thresh bashes her in the skull with a rock right before she is about to kill Katniss with a knife at the feast. He spares Katniss’s life since she took care of Rue and sang to her after she died.

Thresh dies next, most likely by the hands of Cato, but the circumstances are unknown.

Foxface dies when she steals and eats the berries Peeta found, which unbeknownst to them are poisonous.

Katniss shoots Cato in the hand, while he is holding Peeta hostage on the top of the Cornucopia. He falls off onto the ground where the pack of muttations are. After hours of listening to the mutts go at him, but not kill him, Katniss leans over the side of the Cornucopia and shoots him in the head with an arrow, putting him out of his misery.